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Image by Emile Perron

Hi! I'm Gabe!

I ❤ Game Dev!

Welcome to my portfolio! 

I am thrilled you’ve come to visit my showcase of work that I’ve compiled over the years, which includes a combination of collaborations and personal projects. Take a look and feel free to get in touch if you’d like to discuss potential opportunities.

My current position is Head of Game Development at Open Portal Studios LLC, overseeing the development of MetaOps, one of the first FPS Games leveraging Blockchain, and striving to bring the power back to the players.

Gabe's Portfolio

These are some of the games I worked on so far.
Please click on the images below to navigate to a page containing more info about the game, including the programming language and framework used for its development.


About Gabe

Gabe is an award winning developer passionate about Computer Sciences and Game Development. He loved games since childhood, and learned english by himself by playing RPGs like Final Fantasy and Breath of Fire with a dictionary by his side.

Gabe graduated with honors (best in class award) in Computer Sciences at the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná, class of 2007, where he also earned a specialization degree in Digital Games Development in 2015.

Also in 2015 he was globally recognized with an Apple Design Award for an iOS game called jump-O, a minimalist game he co-developed during an iOS development course he attended at PUCPR's Apple Developer Academy, where he also acted as a mentor for new students for a year.

Passionate about programming, he knows his way around C, C++, C#, Objective-C, Swift, Java (not much tbh), JavaScript, TypeScript, ABAP, and is currently learning Python.

Get in Touch

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